Pain Management Center

The Pain Management Center at ColumbiaDoctors has been a leader in administering innovative, effective and comprehensive pain management for over 30 years. Our specialists continue to provide the very best in perioperative care—care received before, during, and after surgery—allowing you to focus on getting healthy and pain-free.

We are also a leading chronic pain authority, utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to identify and treat a wide range of chronic pain conditions. Whether the result of an injury or illness, we can draw on our vast research, access to clinical trials, and world-class medical expertise to help you manage your pain and focus on your life.

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Pain Management Services During The COVID-19 Pandemic

At ColumbiaDoctors Pain Medicine we are committed to helping our patients navigate their pain management needs at this unprecedented time.  Patients whose healthcare needs cannot be met via telehealth will now be seen in our facilities at Columbus Circle, Bronxville and Allen Pavilion.  Please note that we are offering Integrative medicine services including nutritional medicine and acupuncture for chronic pain and metabolic health.  Psychological services for management of chronic pain and medical illnesses will also be provided at these locations.

We have extended our hours of operation during this time from 8:30 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday to see patients onsite at Columbus Circle.  Importantly, we have implemented safety procedures for all onsite visits.  All of our providers will continue to offer telehealth appointments for new and current patients via My Chart and/or Zoom as well.  Please do not hesitate to reach us at 212-305-7114 if you have any questions or need to refer a patient to us.