Ruth Landau, Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology Leader, in the News

October 22, 2019

Dr. Ruth Landau, Virginia Apgar Professor of Anesthesiology and Chief of Obstetric Anesthesia and president-elect of the Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology

(SOAP), was prominently featured in recent media, including the inaugural episode of a podcast series issued by Anesthesiology News and a daily newspaper.

Dr. Landau’s research was highlighted in a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  The piece focuses on the success of Columbia’s postpartum pain management protocol, instituted in 2017 and devised by Dr. Landau, which reduces excessive use of opioids after cesarean delivery.  She presented the research data in detail at October’s annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), where she also addressed the future direction of Columbia’s program and prescriber strategies to help curb the opioid epidemic.

Dr. Landau was also the principal guest in the first episode of a new podcast series, “The Etherist,” produced by Anesthesiology News.  In Episode 1, “We Have a Problem,” she describes the critical 2018 shortage of hyperbaric bupivacaine and its effect on obstetric anesthesiology practice.  Dr. Landau is the author of SOAP’s clinical practice and safety advisory response to shortages of local anesthetic drugs.